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It’s been a rough week on the home front. Our son is sick, and has be very worrisome for this mama. I’ve been using the Illness caddie since Little Monster was, well, itty bitty. It’s great when it’s just you and your little one and no matter were you go you never seem to have enough hands to carry all the “Stuff”.

So I got these caddies from the dollar store. I originally had other plans for these caddies, but their new purpose is so much more helpful. First there is a perfect spot for a beverage or bottle for your little one, then I like to keep my large medicine container in the large back spot. It’s really nice to have all of the medicine safe and secure along with being easily accessible in this caddie.

To find out more about my Infant Medicine containers click here.

Also Boogie Wipes… The one thing I thought I would never need or use for my kids, but here I am singing it’s praises. Thanks to Boogie Wipes I can wipe my sons nose without him throwing a huge fit. So now I stock up when ever a cold hits and it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS in this caddie.

Then I always keep the thermometer with me, so I can keep a close eye on his temperature. Recently I added a new gadget, a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (Amazon) so I can make sure that his oxygen levels are where they should be.

I am very thankful that I had the Fingertip Pulse Oximeter while my son was sick. In all honesty it help me and my husband know if we needed to bring my son to the Hospital or not because it sounded to us like he was struggling to breather, but his oxygen levels were good. Croup is an evil illness and I swear it has shaved a few years of my life watching my son struggle with it.

Caddie Supplies

I hope this is helpful for when your little one gets sick. I know it was helpful for me.

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