Our Love Story

June 2014

Husband and I met in 2011, we were introduced through a mutual best friend. Ryan aka “Shorty” is a friend from high school.

We hung out in the same crowd of “misfits” and I say, misfits because none of us really had a lot in common. I maybe had one thing in common with each person in our group. We were like a web of single string connections. Needless to say, after high school, we all went down our own paths in life. Except for Ryan, we became close friends as we both went to the same Community College before deciding our career specialties. Ryan is a thrill seeker and loves to drive anything with a motor. He isn’t one to sit still, ever. When I went away to college for my 4-year degree, he started hanging out with this guy Jacob and so I had to start sharing BFF with someone else. Needless to say, I was not too thrilled with the shared custody. Then on winter break in December 2010, Ryan convinced me to go out to Applebee’s with some of his new friends. This is where I first met Jacob face-to-face.

Jacob insisted that he meet my parents when he came to pick me up for our first date. I was against it, but Jacob knew it was the right thing to do and so he did it. He then took me to The Mall of America where we had dinner and then to Build A Bear. He successfully stole my heart by the end of the night.

Our Song: Are you gonna Kiss me or Not? — Thompson Square.

We dated for two years and then got engaged. We planned a June Wedding, which matched our song.

Our wedding day was the perfect disaster. We wanted to do a first look and so I slept at my parent’s house… on an air mattress… bad idea. Air mattress had a hole in it. I think I got a total of 3 hours of sleep and ended up having heat stroke so I was nauseous all day.

My wedding dress was too tight, I was told it would stretch, it did not. To that point, while we were taking pictures of the entire wedding party at the altar. I remember taking pictures, seeing people come into the church, and then the next thing I remember is the pastor was in front of me (I was now standing in front of the pews), he had me by both arms and was guiding me to sit down. I was then guided to the back room where I removed the dress, and 20 minutes before the ceremony my mom had to scold me to get back in it.

After the ceremony, everyone hung out in the church for socializing and pictures because it was storming outside. STORMING!

We had a new school and old school Camaro for the wedding party to ride in. Jacob drove my moms new camaro and Ryan drove his dads old-school Camaro.

At the reception half way through the father-daughter dance, I had the entire wedding dance join us in doing the “soldier boy” dance. My dad has a Superman cape on under his suit jacket. (Backstory: my cousins and my family went to California on vacation. On one of the rides, all of us girls got scared and my dad earned the label “Superman” he also looks like Clark Kent from the hair TV Show Smallville.)

I think that is what kicked off a killer night. The dance floor was always full.

Our BFF Ryan danced with every girl there 🙂

We ended up using safety pins and spare ribbon to loosen my dress so it was breathable.

My uncle Mike kept buying the cousins fire-ball shots and my cousin Joe was so drunk he sat in a flower pot full of water. He just sat there, didn’t jump up when he realized it was full of water. None. Drunk.

The whole day was perfectly imperfect and I wouldn’t change a single thing. Even the dress not fitting. I still remember Patti and her daughter helping me in the tiny ladies bathroom converting my dress from a zip to a lace up back.

As I write this, I wonder what my child and/or spouse will think of they ever come across this?