About Raye


My blog mnraye (Minnesota.Raye) is a lifestyle blog.

I enjoy being creative. Although as a career woman and mom that is sometimes more difficult, so I do my best to be as organized as possible so I can be all the things that I want to be as a Mom, a Creative soul, who also has a career and Etsy storefront.

What you can expect from me are random posts that are straight and to the point, with no fancy words, just lots of lists. Just me being me over here with my checklists and chaos. I hope my experiences and learning will help others.

Stay tuned, and I hope that some of the things I share help you.

I am a….

  • UX Designer
  • Dirt biker
  • Photographer
  • Sewing rule breaker
  • Yoga lover
  • Makeup snob
  • Bargain shopper
  • Crunchy Mama Wannabe
  • Graphic Design Enthusiast
  • List lover (though I’m sure you figured that out already ?)
  • Life long learner

I’m learning that life as a Career woman and Mom is very full-filling, very busy, and if there is one thing I’m good at it’s keeping busy.

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