What’s on Mom’s Christmas List?

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Mom's Xmas List

Let’s admit it, us moms are pretty hard to buy for. We are so busy doing for others, no one can observe what we do for ourselves. Which if you are the present guru in your family, trying to buy for a busy momma, makes things difficult. Here are some hot items on the market today, that any mom would love. Ideas for every mom,Read Now

Black Friday – A Family Tradition

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Black Friday

Black Friday in my family is basically a Holiday. Since I can remember, my cousins and I would hold a place in line as our moms ran and got shopping items we needed for Christmas presents or new home items. We would start to yell their names as we got close to the checkout line. Slowly as we got older each one of us becameRead Now

If I Could Pack My Hospital Bag Again

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Repack my Hospital Bag

For your first child you might be like me and wanted to be 100% ready. You check and double check the hospital bag list you found off of Pinterest. Pack a bag for your husband and the soon to be present bundle of joy. Given, hospital supplies vary and you don’t truly know what you’ll get. After going through the whole experience once, there areRead Now

Top Kids Gifts for Christmas 2018

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TopChristmasGifts 2018

Every year we receive the toy books from Fleet Farm, Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, but this year I’m paying attention to what the top toys are this year. Especially with Black Friday coming up, and hopefully this Mama can participate from the comforts of home via the web. The top toys in my list are based on findings from the Bestsellers with the highestRead Now

Card Table Playhouse

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Starting Price: $100 Customized to fit the request, can take up to 3 months to make depending on the request. Plain Card Table Playhouse: – 2 windows with curtains – 1 Door – 1 Mailbox – Fabric to match requested theme. #crafty #cardtableplayhouse

Christmas Stockings

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Prices No Embroidery: $20 Name Embroidery: $30 Unique Christmas stocking with patterns you can’t buy at your local Target or Walmart store. #crafty #christmas #christmasstocking

Bandit Scarf

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Pattern Scarf: $15 Sport Scarf: $20 Unique custom pattern that I created myself. This scarf will keep you warm in the winter, you can fold the collar down for a styling look or pull it up to cover your ears on the winter days that you don’t want to wear a hat. #crafty #bandit #scarf #banditscarf

Baby Blankets

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Price: $25 Some baby blankets have embroidery, it all depends on the request and/or how much information I have. I try to match the baby blanket warmth to the season the baby is born. I think the silk edging is important, I always hear how babies love having the silk edging tickled on their face. #crafty #babyblanket