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Infant Medicine

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As a mom I want to make sure my home is safe and secure for my family. I didn’t like having medicine scattered around the house for several reasons; it’s not secure and you never can find the medicine you are looking for when you need it. I also wanted to make sure that the medicine was in a clear container so I can quickly see if something is missing and that the container snapped shut. This was important for two reasons; one, so the items don’t fall out if I throw it in a bag. Two, it’s one more hurdle Little Monster has to go through to get to the medicine bottles. I know the lids are child-proof, but I like being extra safe when it comes to medicine or cleaning supplies. Yes, all the cleaning supplies in my house are LOCKED under the sink in their own plastic tubs with latches.

If you’d like to see how I secure and organize cleaning supplies for each room in my house please comment below.

Target Snap Lock container

Realistically, any container with snap locks will do.

I usually keep the small medicine box in my purse or diaper bag and I have 2 large ones in my house. One is in the caddie that I use when my son is sick (see post for more on Kids Illness Caddie), and the other is in his bedroom. I feel better keeping medicine in my sons room if it is securely in this medicine box.

Here is an example of what the large container can hold.
Note: I do not have the nail clippers in this picture, but it does fit in this container.

Free – Infant Medicine – Design Download

Design Download Preview

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