Kid’s Holiday Basket | Easter Edition

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Easter is such a fun time for kids. It’s full of easter egg hunts at home, through the community or church. However, the best part as a child was the Easter basket filled with goodies. My kid’s holiday basket for Easter will be filled with Mommy-approved Easter treats, adorable pajamas, small toys, and books.

Of course, I’ll be using different baskets for Easter. My in-laws made the kid’s Easter baskets I have and they are freaking adorable! Check them out!

If you must have this basket, there are some similar to it on Etsy

If you want to DIY a wooden bunny Easter basket, here are some links

If you’re looking for cute Easter theme tags for baskets, I will direct you to Etsy. Here is a link to the cute carrot tags I bought from GraceAndGrainStudio. After I bought mine, I saw these similar and cute carrot tags from TimberFallsDesign.

OR DIY it yourself with these Precut Blank Carrots.

Now, let’s fill the Easter Kid’s Holiday Basket!

Schoolager / Five-Year-Old


Again, #NOTSPONSORED, I like their ingredients, specifically what is NOT in them. Also, they have options so my kids can enjoy the same holiday candy as every other kid, but without food dyes or other cringe-worthy ingredients. You can check out YumEarth to see what else they are free of.




I cannot get over how much I love Monica + Andy. Pretty sure I’m obsessed with their kid’s clothes, especially when they release Holiday items. Of course, I usually wait for items to go on sale to get the best deal possible, and I try to get things that can be used for more than just the holiday, but their Easter PEEPS Chick pajamas got me hooked, line, and sinker. #NotSponsoredbutwanttobe

Again, I love that the fabric they use to make the clothes is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic fabric. It is a company founded and run by women and mothers. I’m trying to buy more organic clothes for my kids since fabric rests on the largest absorbing organ of their body, their skin.

Carter’s has also captured my heart with their cute Easter pajamas, which are more affordable. I got two sets of pajamas for about $12 with picking it up in-store. It’s Organic Cotton #WIN and gender-neutral. These pajamas are not exclusive to Easter and can be used throughout the year. My kids will be wearing them camping this summer.






Thank you for reading, and I hope your Easter is magically relaxing 🐣🐰


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