Kid’s Hotel Welcome Bag

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We were booking a mid-winter weekend trip with the kids, I noticed that the hotel offered an “Enhancement – great offers and additional activities you can add to your hotel booking”. Some items in the Kid’s Hotel welcome bag bundle included a stuffed animal, beach towel, candy, a gift card for the arcade, and other hotel-branded snacks for a whopping $60 per kid.

This got me thinking (Being the extra-mile mom that I am), my kids would love this! Of course, I could do something more age-appropriate for my kids and are items that we can use as summer is approaching.

So to Amazon, I go…

I did look up a few things, towels, bags, etc. and then I thought about what I have at home. Example: beach towel. Do we really need a special beach towel or can I save $15 per towel and just grab one from home? You betcha, I grabbed one from home.

So here is what I put together for each of my kids’ hotel welcome bags.

Schoolager / Five year old

Aurora® Adorable Mini Flopsie™ Maxamoose™ Stuffed Animal

Poncho Towels by Lulumoon

Waterproof Bag – At first glance it is sturdy and I like the adjustable straps (I wanted to make one, but I ran out of time.)

Swim Goggles (I got a set of two on sale last year that have not been used yet. Here they are on Amazon.)


Stainless Steel water bottle (from home)


Aurora® Adorable Mini Flopsie™ Maxamoose™ Stuffed Animal

Poncho Towel

Stainless Steel Sippy Cup


Kids Hotel Welcome Bag in the End

This may not be super flashy and extravagant, but hopefully, to my kids it is magical. Ultimately this is a gift from Momma’s heart to kick off a fun weekend that we can reuse this summer during the camping season!

kids hotel welcome bundle


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