Craft Fast! Chalkboard Christmas Tags

Chalkboard Tags

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I got my inspiration last year around Christmas time. We had stockings hung on the mantel, and now that we have so many stockings due to our growing home and family, I had a hard time keeping track of who’s stocking was who’s? We had Mine, my husbands, our sons, my sister-in-laws, and one for the two dogs.

So when i saw these Wood Tags on a lightning deal on Amazon, I had to buy them and put my idea into action.


  • Wood Tags
  • Chalkboard Paint (I would advise NOT using the spray paint version)
  • Washer (Optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Twine

So I started with the Spray Can Chalkboard paint, and learned…
1). You need to use paint primer before the Spray Can Chalkboard paint.
2). It takes longer to spray paint, then painting by hand, because the wood tags are so light they blow away when you try and spray them. Lesson learned.


  1. If you have paint primer available, I would encourage you to put at least one coat of primer on your wood tags, it will keep the chalkboard paint from bleeding into the back of the tag.
  2. Once the primer is dry, mix and apply 2-3 coats of the Chalkboard Paint onto the tags.
  3. After they are dry, you can add any decoration to the tags that you want.
    • I didn’t really like the all black tags, to went back and painted the top an ivory color.
  4. Then after I was done applying the paints, I super glued the washer over hole for the Gift tag.
    • I first tried my hot glue gun, but I couldn’t get the glue to go on thin enough, and by the time I tried to stick the washer to the tag, the glue was already cold.

What Next?

So you may be wondering what you can do with these Chalkboard Gift Tags, here are a few ideas.

  • Wine Glass Tag
  • Put it on your Christmas Stockings so you know who’s stocking is who’s
  • Use it on a gift


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