Craft Fast! DIY Wood Panels


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I wanted to switch up some of our wall art, so I decided to try making my own farmhouse styled decoration.


My original plan was to paint the wood panels to look like grey and white checkered plaid. So I started with a grey paint and primer spray paint. Then I taped out the plaid design… I should’ve done my research and realized that what I was doing was not going to turn out as a plaid design. So… painting is not my strength.

So I went back to the drawing board and bought some white and grey buffalo check plaid from Joann Fabrics.

First things first before I put a heat transfer vinyl I washed the fabric the fabric. Then I cut 16″x16″ squares from the buffalo plaid fabric.

I turned my heat press on to 305 degrees Fahrenheit then I cut my black heat transfer vinyl into 12×12 inches. Once that was done, I uploaded my designs into the Cricut Design Space. I adjusted the design size to 11.5 x10.5″.

I cut out each of the designs, then before I applied them to the fabric. I put the 16×16″ square on the heat press and applied heat for 15 sec to get the wrinkles out. then I centered my design on the fabric square and tried to line the design up so the plaid lines were perfectly vertical and horizontal.

Then I put the fabric and design back on the heat press and applied heat for 15 seconds and when I opened the press the film came off easily.

I repeated these steps for the other two designs, and then I plugged in my glue gun.

After finishing the heat transfer I draped the fabric over the wood panel. I tried to match the vertical and horizontal plaid design with the edges of the wood panel. Then I hot glued the corners down. Once secured, I flipped the wood panel over and started gluing down the fabric to the inside of wood panel.

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