Fall Family Photos 2019

Fall Family Photos

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The last time we took family photos was two years ago when I announced to my Husband that I was pregnant. Man… time has flown. We went from me and my husband to a family of three and then my sister-in-law moved in with us. In the last year I learned that I like having a full home, lively.

So my gift to my family this year are family photos. I recruited a wonderful photographer near my home Jade Elisha Photography. She took our prior photo session and she is well known for her newborn photos as well. I highly recommend checking her out if you’re in Minnesota.

One of the challenges in coordinating this family photo-op is coordinating clothing colors… Also picking outfits for my little family of 3.

So I found a color palette that I thought everyone would have clothes that matched at least one of the colors.

For Little Monster, I got a cute outfit that is originally from Carters.

I had an Altar’d State jean dress with a long grey sweater and Frye boots.

Banana Republic plaid button up shirt and outdoor vest with BKE Jeans

Of course nothing can ever go according to plan. Everyones outfits looked great, but the little monster was not having it. He was meltdown central pretty much the entire time, but of course you would never know since our photos look AMAZING!

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