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I am someone who likes to learn new things, especially new things that will be beneficial to my family such as saving money. So as I’m getting into this new hobby of couponing, I’m finding new ways to stay organized. Couponing + organizing, and storing paper coupons and how best to keep them together when you are out shopping.

Read to the end where I share my learnings about saving money with couponing!


Mask Holder

These were nice for couponing and organizing each store you are planning to shop at.

It was a little tricky applying the adhesive vinyl to the mask holder, but with a little patience, it worked.

Couponing Tips + Breakdown

With couponing, your goal is fairly simple. Layer sales, deals, and coupons to get a better price.

  • Example: Buy one get one (BOGO) + Coupon
  • Example: Buy one get one 1/2 off + Coupon

The best deals that I usually get are from Walgreens and CVS where you can get rewards for your purchases. So you can layer deals + Coupons + Rewards. Similar to the Kohls cash concept.

Apps for your phone

There are also a lot of acronyms with couponing, that couponers use here are a few common ones.

  • AC = After Coupon
  • CRT = Cash Register Tape – CRTs are specific to the store where they were printed.
  • DQ = Digital Coupon
  • ECB = Extra Care Bucks (CVS)
  • MFC or MFG = Manufacture
  • OOP = Out of Pocket
  • PQ = Paper Coupon

Many, many more acronyms. These are just the ones that I have picked up on so far šŸ™‚

Couponing Experts

There are a lot of great couponing individuals that you can follow for help with couponing. Here are a couple to get you started if you are interested in couponing. You can follow them on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube! I highly suggest checking them out šŸ™‚



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