Where to shop for Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothes

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When you’re pregnant for the first time, you never know where to get maternity clothes. It took me my entire pregnancy to find the right maternity clothes for me that were a good deal and were comfortable.

Of course, I delayed it as long as possible, as we all do. I tried all the tricks and hacks to not have to purchase clothes that will be worn for about 9 months. What I came to realize was that it isn’t 9 months, it’s as long as you want to wear them even AFTER baby has been born.

I stuck with my maternity pants for months after my son was born, because when I went to go buy jeans that fit me, I could only fit in a size 14 jeans and I struggled to hold the tears back. Did I buy the jean?… Yes. In hindsight I wish I didn’t, it was money I really didn’t need to spend because I could’ve just worn my maternity jeans till I lost the weight.

So here are the stores that I have found GOOD, sometimes decent maternity clothes at. I hope this helps you on you beautiful pregnancy adventure and remember, you are simply amazing and a beautiful mom! Go get it Girl!

You’ll ALWAYS find Good Stuff Here!

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Boutique Style

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