Craft Fast! – Easy Halloween Costume

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So I originally was planning to be a Care Bear for Halloween, I bought Grumpy the Care Bear from Target. Of course I tried it on at the last minute and of course it was too tight for me to be comfortable in. #momproblems

So I took to Pinterest by storm at 9:00 PM the night before Halloween. As I was scrolling through the “Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes” I came across a woman wearing a Momma Bear Shirt, Bear Ears and Makeup that made her face kind of look like she was a bear. This caught my eye because I may own a few Mama Bear shirts…, and I have a plethora of makeup to help me turn my face into a work of art… or at least try to.

I then went to youtube and found some tutorials on Halloween Bear Makeup.

Then all I needed were ears. Hello… Google. I searched for printable bear ears and I came across this link and the next morning at work I printed the bear ears and taped them to the only headband that I own (yes, I only own 1 headband.)

Bam! Mama Bear!

Of course there are things I will do differently next year.

For example:

– The dots for my whiskers would be smaller.

– I would add more hair strokes around my face

– I would like the top and bottom of my eyes

– I would do more contouring around my face.

The common misconception was that everyone thought I was a mouse… I am 5′ 6″… so maybe it’s because I’m shorter then most the people I work with? I’m not going to dwell on it.

My son was a Lion, so if I could convince my husband to be a Tiger. Then we would be a Lion, Tiger and Bear OH MY! Ha ha šŸ™‚

Can’t blame a Momma for trying.

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