If I Could Pack My Hospital Bag Again

Repack my Hospital Bag

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For your first child you might be like me and wanted to be 100% ready. You check and double check the hospital bag list you found off of Pinterest. Pack a bag for your husband and the soon to be present bundle of joy.

Given, hospital supplies vary and you don’t truly know what you’ll get. After going through the whole experience once, there are some thing I did and didn’t use.

I gave birth at the Maple Grove Hospital on Minnesota. It is the one hospital all the moms want to go to if they have a choice and with good reason. The staff was amazing, they have birthing balls, a large tub you can use. It’s a new building so the rooms are really nice and big.

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If I do this all again, here are some of the things I would pack…


Extra underwear

– Snacks

Nursing gown for after

Nipple cream (if you’re planning to breastfeed)

Hair binders (these are my favorite.)

Nursing bra, since I have a few now 😉

– Charger for cell phones. I love this dual port usb wall charger.

– I would wear my crocs like I did last time and wear nursing clothes to go to the hospital in. It saves space and isn’t dirty so I just wore the same outfit home.

– They gave me a water bottle so I didn’t use the one i brought, but I would probably bring a water bottle again just in case.


Pajamas for husband


– Going home outfit – Might want a newborn and 3 Month. You never know.

Baby mittens, the good kind. Seriously, you will cry if you lose one of these.

Nail file – I am so getting these ones next time.

Would Not Pack

– A tooth brush or tooth paste, because they provided me with toiletries.

– I wouldn’t pack my husbands iPad or headphones. We didn’t have time for that and there was a TV in our room.

– I know many people recommend bringing a nursing pillow, honestly I just asked for an extra pillow and used that to help position my baby while nursing.

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