Craft Fast! – Trinket Bling!

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Fall craft season is just around the corner, which means… time to count stock and figure out what I need to make this year. I usually stick to sewing crafts, but that requires more time than I currently have available with a 5-month-old rolling around. Literally, he is a rolling machine. If he is awake, he is on a roll. he he 🙂

So, I took to Pinterest to find some new creative outlets that could potentially be a good selling item at the craft fairs and is quick to make that I can drop at a moments notice.

I found beaded keychains, some made with a keyring and some made with a lobster claw clasp. Simple, decorative, and each one unique. Luckily, I already have most of the supplies, or I could at least borrow them from my Mom. As I got going, I did purchase some items off of Amazon.

Needed Supplies:

– Wire cutters

– Needle nose pliers

– Round nose pliers


– Beads & Charms

– Keyring or Lobster Claw Clasp

There are many types of wires that you can use, they vary in thickness. I use precut wire called ‘head pin findings‘ to string up a few beaded keychains before I attach them to the keyring or clasp. This way with the pre-made wire I don’t have to worry about the beads falling off the wire if I need to step away for a moment.

You can mix and match many types of beads, and charms to make something unique.

For more creative ideas follow me on Pinterest.

For those of you who like to shop in-store vs. online, I did run to Walmart and found some pretty good deals on some of the items I listed. They have needle nose pliers, jewelry wire cutters, and round nose pliers for around $5 a piece. They also had findings (pre-cut jewelry wire), and key-rings! Also if you must know, I do not have a preference when it comes to Walmart vs. Target. I just shop for a good deal no matter what the store is.

Here are some Examples of the finished product:

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