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Holiday Outfit 2019

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Every year my husband’s company has a work party and every year I plan out my outfit months in advance. Usually, it turns into a flop… I get a giant run in my tights, my outfit malfunctions in some way. One time there was nowhere to sit and my feet felt like they were being murdered by my shoes. No joke it happened. I had to waddle to the car my feet hurt so bad. I stood in the snow outside to try and numb the pain way.

So this year I recruited help from my Sister-In-Law. We went shopping on New Years’ Eve Day and found this really cute store called Altar’d State. We found TWO dresses that looked good on my new Mom Bod and I am pumped!

There are three reasons I bought both dresses:

**Because normally I wouldn’t have bought both.**

Reason One: My husband’s company has two very distinct types of people, office suits and construction workers. Office couples tend to wear “business casual” attire, while the hard-working men wear jeans and a nice button-up and their spouse is dressed to the nines.

Reason Two: The invitation to the holiday party specifies the attire as “No Jeans”… Not helpful.

Reason Three: I look f***ing AWESOME in both dresses and it feels oh, so good!

Here are some other outfits I had been considering:

Glamour Girl

Pink Sequin Outfit


Badass Boss



For the Love of Grey



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