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Every Christmas my Husbands Grandma likes to make our presents. Last year she gave me this beautiful embroidered Christmas towel that hangs on the stove bar. So one day when I was browsing through Pinterest Crafts, I came across this quick craft. I thought, this would be perfect for House Warming Gifts and Craft Fairs! Although I didn’t anticipate shopping for supplies to be so difficult.

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Farmhouse Style Hanging Kitchen Towel Tutorial

  • Square hot-pad with hanging loop located on the corner of the hot-pad.
  • Gathers the towel fabric before attaching diagonally to square hot-pad.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Easy Project

  • Rectangle hot-pad with hanging loop located on the short side of the hot-pad.
  • Folds towel to fit width of the hot-pad before attaching.

Challenge of Shopping for Supplies

Based on the Hot-pads you can find. You would think that this wouldn’t be a challenge, but honey… it is.

I shopped at Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Amazon, Ebay, for plain rectangle hot-pads with hanging loop located on the short side of the hot-pad and did not find them. After months of searching I gave up and just bought square ones from Dollar Tree.

I got these towels from Target Dollar Spot, of course the items online are very different then what they have in the store.

Another place you can get really cute cheap towels is from Joann Fabric. Just search for “Towels” and you will see a ton of hand towels on clearance. I got the adorable blue hand towel from there when they were their summer items were on clearance.

Step 1: Fold towel to fit Hot Pad.

I tried this 2 ways, keeping the natural folds of the towel, and I also tried folding it in thirds so that the towel fit the width of the Hot Pad. Personally, I like when it fits the width of the Hot Pad better. I like to rip the tag off instead of cutting it. Just a personal preference.

Step 2: Find the center of the towel and hot pad and pin both centers together. Make sure the loop on the hot pad is on the side that would be considered the ‘back’ of the towel.

***I made the mistake of not paying attention and had to seam rip and start over. Hopefully I save you from that headache.***

Step 3: Sew down the center of the hot pad and towel pinned together. I like to start a little farther in on the fabric and then back stitch to the end. That way it secures your stitch down and hides any extra thread.

Step 4: Sew your button on. I used to sew buttons on by hand until my Husbands Grandma showed me how to do that with a sewing machine. Now I will NEVER go back to hand sewing on a button. Although it is still a good skill to have.

I set my machine to the zig-zag stitch (# 4 on my Brother Sewing Machine) and I set the stitch length to ZERO. Next I put the material and the button under the presser foot. I try to align the button hole with the needle. Put the presser foot down, and manually lower the needle to make sure you have it aligned correctly with the button hole. I continue to manually moving the needle to make sure I have the correct stitch width for the needle to jump to each button hole smoothly. Once I confirmed that the width is correct, I lay my foot down on the pedal and let the sewing machine do it’s thing and BAM! You sewed the button to your fabric.

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  1. This is such a cute idea! I have a sewing machine but am super intimidated by it. I think I could totally manage a project like this! Super cute idea, thanks for sharing!! Lauren –

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