CRAFT FAST – Lazy Girls Guide: Fall Decor

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I think Holiday decorations are something kids really enjoy and are part of childhood and growing up. It’s something kids get excited about, or at least I know I did. Although Holiday decorations are not my forte, I am trying to get better at it. Especially now that I have my son.

“Thankful” Garland

Target Dollar Section:

– Glitter “THANKFUL” Garland

– Glitter Edging Pumpkin and Leaf (side decorations on the mantel)

Joann Fabrics Checkout Isle:

– Glitter Gift Tags

– Glitter Mini Clothes Pins

Sew a Throw Pillow Cover

Pillow covers are a quick and easy way to decorate for any season. They are also easy to store and don’t take up much room.


1. Measure your pillow (mine was 15″x15″)

2. Layout your pillow in the center and fold in your sides, you want to make sure that you have enough fabric overlap so your pillow is completely covered. Don’t forget that you will be hemming the fabric that overlaps to prevent fraying.

3. Take your pillow out, hem the edges that will overlap.

4. Then refold as you did before, making sure that the right sides are facing each other (the pillow cover should be inside-out) and make sure as you overlap the fabric, it measures to match your pillow. So my fabric should measure to be a 15″ by 15″ square.

5. Turn your fabric so the overlapped fabric is horizontal. Measure your pillow width (15″), pin or mark in your preferred method.

6. Still looking at your fabric with the horizontal fabric overlap. Sew the outside edges to finish off your pillow cover.

7. Once finished, turn the cover right side out and put it on your pillow.

No Sew Throw Pillow Cover

I felt that if I sewed this fabric the same way as the plaid, that it wouldn’t look as nice and that it needed to be different. So I’ve seen on Pinterest that you can tie fabric around a pillow, so I gave it a try.


1. I put the pillow in the middle of the fabric and folded the one side over the pillow.

2. On the opposite side, I folded the point in and and draped the fabric over to cover the rest of the pillow.

3. I took the ends that were sticking out on either side and tied them in the center of the pillow. I did have to play with this a little so the back of the fabric wouldn’t show.

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